Do You Sleep With Your Makeup On?

Did you know that our skin repairs itself while we sleep? Unless of course you go to bed with a face full, or even half full of makeup. While we snooze, our pores release sebum, which rehydrates and protects the skin from free radicals floating in the air. But when you leave makeup on while you sleep, it interrupts this process and leaves your skin extremely dry, along with many other issues. Personally, I was very guilty of this during my teenage years and early adulthood. In college, my friends and I would stay out late drinking. Well, we wouldn’t leave the house without a little—or a lot—of makeup, and by the time we were back home, we were too tired to stand in the bathroom, washing the thick foundation and water-proof mascara from our faces. Lazily, we would fall into bed and sleep would find us until morning. And we would repeat this same cycle, day after day. I know, gross. I am embarrassed to admit it, but I’m telling you this because it was one of the most crucial reasons why my acne was so bad and I couldn’t get my face to clear up. The worse part? Even when I would take my makeup off or wouldn’t wear any that day, my sheets were left with the makeup from the night before. And that makeup would get on my skin, especially my face, and it was as if I went to bed with a face full of makeup. Again, gross. I know. But eventually, I learned my lesson and finally became committed to never falling asleep with makeup. It’s been six years and it has definitely changed my life. For those who need a little more convincing of why we shouldn’t fall asleep in our makeup, I’ll get into dirtier detail of the reality our skin enduring when we decide to fall asleep looking like Gene Simmons from KISS
  1. Clogged pores
  2. Acne
  3. Damaged skin cells
  4. Dull skin
  5. Interruption of the repair process
  6. Skin ages
  7. Dry skin
  8. Uneven skin tone
  9. Skin cells cannot regenerate
  10. Irritated eyes
  11. Bye bye eyelashes
  12. Chapped lips
So, if you’re suffering from any of these and your guilty of going to bed with a face that screams GIRLS NIGHT OUT, consider ways to get that makeup off your face until the morning. The best tip I have is to leave a pack of face wipes on your bedside or underneath your pillow. This is for those really late, maybe even drunken night, when you fall into bed and before you know it, you’re to cozy (or asleep) to get up and wash your face. At least this way, you are removing a good amount of makeup and you skin is able to rest and repair itself. A night time face routine is another great way to get out of the habit of getting in to bed with a whole lot of makeup. After awhile, this routine becomes your new habit and makeup in bed never happens again. Okay, maybe not never, but close to it (keep those wipes near). And lastly, an earlier bedtime is key to keeping your makeup off your sheets while you sleep. This gives you no reason to keep makeup on your face before bedtime. And let’s be real, we could all get some more Z’s around here.
Are you notorious for snuggling up in bed looking like a prom queen? Hopes this helps!

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