Fall-Time Skincare Tips

Hello Naked Beauties! Today we are going to talk about the importance of a fall-time skincare routine. Just as we all have a wardrobe switch when the weather gets cooler, we should also accommodate our skincare routine for the dropping temps.

Any transition in temperature or climate can affect the quality of your skin. Not only can it produce new skin issues, but it can also make existing conditions that much worse. When fall arrives, the combination of the cooler outdoor weather, alongside the artificial heat used inside your home, can really do some damage. Not only do these things suck the moisture out of the air, but also out of your skin.

When looking into what your “fall-time skincare routine” should look like, these are some helpful tips to remember:

#1) Avoid taking long hot showers, or soaks in the tub- Long periods of cooler temperatures can cause the skin to become dry, itchy, scaly, and cracked. Soaking in extra hot water can make the skin even more irritated, and intensify the issues. Instead, go for lukewarm baths and showers, and moisturize as soon as you get out.

#2) Use mild soap- When taking said lukewarm showers/baths, remember to use a mild soap. Using a harsh, chemical-filled soap can strip your skin of it’s necessary oil and make it dry out even more. If your skin is already chapped and dry, it’s important to not compound this issue with harsh products.

#3) Remember to wear SPF- Lots of the time, it’s easy for us to forget sunscreen when the cooler temps roll around. We don’t feel the same effects of sunburn, most of the time, and it makes us get a little lenient. However, it is just as important to wear sunscreen in the cooler temps as it is in the warmer temps. Regardless of the temp outside, the sun still has the same effects.

#4) Exfoliate frequently- exfoliation during the cooler seasons is important, as you probably have more dry flakey skin than usual. If you don’t remove it with a form of exfoliant, your skin can become severely dehydrated because it’s difficult for your moisturizer to penetrate properly.

#5) Use a thick cream to moisturize your hands, feet, elbows, and knees- I think I speak for most of us when I say that most of our time and money is spent on skincare for the face/neck. However, during the colder seasons, it’s especially important to moisturize the rest of your body too. The dry air affects hands, feet, elbows and knees because the skin there is thin and loses moisture very easily. Replenishing the moisture with a thick cream will prevent scaly, red, itchy, and dry skin.

#6) Moisturize your face with an ultra moisturizing cream- Gel moisturizers have become all the rage in the past years. They are a fan favorite due to their easy application, thin consistency, and lightweight non-greasy feel. They are a great product for summertime use when your skin is somewhat moisturized from the humid air. However, they’re not the ticket for great skin in the cooler seasons. That’s why using a more thick and creamy moisturizer is a great idea. The thicker the moisturizer, the more likely it will hydrate deeper and leave somewhat of a barrier or protection against the harsh weather elements.

When applying these helpful tips, you should be able to curate the perfect cool weather skincare routine! If you have any tips for fall skincare, questions or comments, leave them down below.

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