Does the food we eat really affect our skin?

How many times have you heard that junk food of any kind cause’s breakouts and skin irritations? I know I certainly have. But have you ever been told that foods like yogurt, onions and wine can cause you to break out and have skin irritations?


Your skin is a-tell all for how your body processes the foods and liquids you ingest. Why is your skin an indicator?


The short version


When your body breaks down the things we consume it needs two key hormones to help process. The two key hormones are Testosterone and Insulin. Testosterone is used to help burn the calories that the food contains and Insulin is to help keep your blood sugar in check. When you consume food that causes your sugar levels to spike, such as simple carbs, this will cause your Insulin levels to rise. What happens when your Insulin levels rise? The hormone Testosterone is generated to help combat the levels of Insulin and to balance your body out, and when your Insulin levels are too high your body generates an excessive amount of Testosterone to compensate. When your body produces extra Testosterone and your body cannot absorb it, it is left un-attended within your body to wreak havoc.  One of the many ways Testosterone loves to mess with you is through your skin, it causes cystic acne that can be found on your jaw line, neck, back, and even your chest.


The second thing that most people do not realize is when they eat food that causes bloating, gas or diarrhea is irritating the digestive system. This irritation within your digestive tract can cause skin irritations, inflammation, and breakouts. This may not be the case for everyone. Those of you that suffer from Rosacea, Eczema or itchy skin ever notice that your skin irritations get worse when you eat certain things? Never thought about it before, you might start now. When I eat fruits high in glucose my Eczema goes crazy, showing up on my love handles and arms. My Rosacea, which appeared out of no-where when I turned 28, gets inflamed when drink wine………..Yes, I have a lot of skin issues: both my Eczema and Rosacea where passed down to me from my mom and my cystic acne is a byproduct of my PCOS.


I am by no means a perfect eater when comes to helping my acne and skin irritations. I still enjoy pasta, white rice and I LOVE LOVE my Cab Sav. I have opted to cut out the prepackaged foods, soda and candy to help my skin and digestive system.


I want to share my experiences and knowledge that I have acquired through the last eight years of research and doctor visits, and by no means am I a medical doctor and everything I have spoken about in this article is from my own research, trial and error, and family medical history.



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