Gut health and skin issues?


Hello Naked Beauties!

Most of you already know that The Naked Beauty Box is always packed full of cruelty-free, vegan, and non-toxic skincare. However the best skinccare can only get your skin so far.

Other then the skincare products you purchase, have you dived deeper and looked at what you are consuming?

It is yesterday’s news that food can effect our skin- but most do not know that it starts with our Digestive System. The Digestive¬†System determines how your body will react to what it likes and does not like.

What is our digestive system?

Our digestive system starts at our tounge and ends at the anus. It consists of an esophoguse, stomach, large intestine, small intensitine, liver, pancrease, gallblader, and colon.

Each section of our digestive system plays a role in our over all health, especially our skin. When one part of our system is off, it can create a ripple affect- causes havoc on the rest of our body.


My diet causing diegestive issues?

Everyone’s diets is differnt.¬† But something we can all note is that the food we consume should never cause bloating, consipation, dhirrera, vomiting, or acid reflucts.

When we have an imbalance within out digestive system, on of the physical signs we see is in out skin. Eczema, acne, Keratosis pilaris, itchy skin, sores, etc.

Balancing the foods we eat and creating a healthy enviroment for healthy baterica to grow is essential to maintain healthy skin.

Skincare products- even the best ones on the market- can only do so much for us if we are not mainting a healthy gut.

Let us know in t he comments below what you are doing to maintian a healthy gut.


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