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May’s box is here, and I can’t wait for you to see what is coming your way.


May brand partners are 100% Women Owned and partners are all Small Businesses. Every product featured in this month’s box has been tested by Kayt, Founder and CEO. 

You can trust that The Naked Beauty Box is 100% cruelty-free?, vegan?and non-toxic?.


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Root Awake: Co-Condition Growth Treatment – $36

Awaken roots with this fortifying hair and scalp treatment. Root Awake was created to enhance any deep treatment or leave-in conditioner. An all-natural blend of hair nourishing oils and amino acids help conditioner bind to hair and strengthen strands. Featuring Susan & Me’s proprietary essential oil hair growth formula; this tingly elixir stimulates blood flow to the scalp and gets those hair follicles dancing. Rosemary and Nettle infused black cumin seed oil is rich in nigellone and silica—key nutrients that have been scientifically proven to reduce hair fall and shedding.

Key Ingredients

Black Cumin Seed Oil – Includes over 100 vitamins and nutrients as well powerful antihistamines to support scalp health. Nigellone and Thymoquinone minimizes hair loss and stimulates new growth.

Black Castor Seed Oil – rich in omega fatty acids to moisturize scalp and relieve dryness and dandruff. Essential amino acids improve blood flow to the scalp and invigorate hair follicles.

Nettle Essential Oil – Stinging Nettle is rich in silica, a micronutrient that reduces hair fall, strengthens hair from the roots, and encourages healthy hair growth.

How to Use

In order to “co-condition,” apply Root Awake to a damp scalp directly before your leave-in or deep conditioning treatment. While your conditioner is repairing hair strands, root awake penetrates the hair follicle to help blood flow to the scalp.

Tip 1: Fill the dropper with oil and slide the nozzle over your scalp.

Tip 2: Can be used with protective braiding styles

Tip 3: If you have a TWA, use everyday after your shower while hair is still damp, then add a leave-in conditioner.

Recherch’e Organics Pomegranate Enzyme Peel – $32

This enzyme peel uses pomegranate ferment enzymes to “eat away” at the glue that binds old dying skin cells to the fresh new layers of skin underneath. Coupled with other ingredients such as MSM to help rebuild collagen and elastin, papaya seed oil for extra antioxidant boost and aloe vera for skin soothing and pore tightening, this at home peel is sure to become a staple in your skin care routine.

Directions: Apply and leave on for anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water. If you feel some stinging, don’t worry, this is normal! It is the enzymes at work. Use every 7-10 days for best results.

Wicked Good Detox Bath Salts – $18

A detoxifying bath soak infused with Hawaiian black lava sea salt infused with activated charcoal made from coconut shells— for whenever you’re sore from a workout, need to soothe an overworked body, or deserve an indulgent night of self-care.

Highlighted Ingredients:
– Activated Charcoal:  Absorbs minerals, toxins, impurities, and other harmful substances, leaving you with skin that looks and feels clean and detoxified.
– Sea Salt: Helps purify by gently removing residue and dead skin cells.
– Magnesium: Relaxes and soothes stressed skin. Boosts skin’s luminosity.  

Suggested Usage:
– Fill the bathtub with warm water.
– Drop three scoops into the water or use
 Flower Catcher
– It is best to add this right before or when you are in the bath since the oils will vaporize when they make contact with the water.
– Find a comfortable position and relax. Inhale deeply and enjoy.

Eccentric Bath & Body Cocoa Cappaccino Sugar Scrub – $20.00


Indulge your skin with this Luxurious Whipped Sugar Scrub with exfoliating sugar and shea butter. This product is a cleanser, scrub and moisturizer. Eccentric B&B’s  whipped soap cleanses and has a nice lather. The sugar provides a light and gentle exfoliate  that won’t harm your skin. It has added sunflower oil and Shea butter for to ensure your skin feels smooth and moisturized!

Direction: Apply a small amount to desired body part and massage area for 1 min or 2.

Soon Skincare Exfoliating Mitt -$12

Exfoliate the face, unclog pores and see radiant skin with the Korean Exfoliating Mitt.

SUMMER BOX SOLD OUT! Subscriptions are on hold until further notice.
SUMMER BOX SOLD OUT! Subscriptions are on hold until further notice.
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