Anne’s Apothercary| Lip Treatment Set


Have spa like lip service with of a Hydrate 8+ lip scrub, Hydrate 8+ lip mask and Mini Lip applicator in this set.

Our Hydrate 8+ lip mask contains GHK and Sodium Hyaluronate. GHK and HLA helps to minimize fine vertical lines of the lips by stimulating collagen production which leads to fewer wrinkles and a younger looking smile.

Our Hydrate 8+ contains Isrealian Jojoba wax ester which is a thin non greasy waxy oil that penetrates into the skin to make it soft and supple.

Plus now you have a dedicated mini lip applicator to go with your lip mask and lip scrub without dipping those fingers in.

Helps you get your favorite lippy product without damaging your manicure.

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