Bodhi Beverlyhills Instant Rejuvenation Mask


This instant rejuvenating mask transforms the look of ultra-dry skin. It replenishes and locks moisture into the skin for a long-term hydrating effect. Plant extracts condition the skin’s surface to leave it soft, smooth and supple. A unique blend of aloe, cotton and super-fruit extracts delivers visible firmness and a healthy, radiant glow.

Routine for the dull, routine for the exhausted, break the routine and pamper yourself with the intense hydration and Rejuvenation of Aloe. Plant Extracts condition the skin for a smooth way into a carefree weekend. The dehydrated busy self calms down with water bearing dew drops of Shagbark Hickory extract, Algae extract preparing you for new possibilities with the revitalizing caffeine in the coffee extracts.

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