Refresh Collection is valued at $145

Bushbalm Bermuda Oil  – $26 

100% Vegan & Cruelty-free, for all skin types, will not clog pores

Benefits Soothes redness and treats ingrown hairs, Fades dark spots Helps heal scarring (from razor burn, ingrown hairs, etc) Softens the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Other Uses include tips of hair, eyebrows, dry skin, underarms, sensitive chapped lips, dry cuticles, instead of Argan oil in hair many more!

Starry Eyes Self Warming Eye Mask (5 Pack)- $20

Starry Eyes is the ultimate heated eye mask. Wherever and whenever you decide to enjoy them, you deserve it because you’re a star. Contains 5 self-heating eye masks, Starts warming within 30 seconds, Ear loops provide a secure fit, Heat lasts 20 minutes. The mask is fragrance-free and free from artificial ingredients.

The Speak Collective Rose Quartz Facial Roller-$37


A gentle lymphatic massage will help to reduce puffiness and improve blood circulation to stimulate collagen production. Rose quartz, a stone of the heart, is an important gemstone for healing. It reduces stress and opens up the heart chakra to unconditional love and positive energy. Skin type: All skin types. Skin concerns: Loss of firmness and elasticity. Has a soothing, tension-releasing effect. Temporarily reduce the appearance of puffiness. Preps the skin to improve product absorption. Brings a brighter, even look to the complexion. Other highlights: Each roller is handcrafted and every stone is natural and unique. The color will vary slightly from the picture shown.



It’s like getting 8 hours of sleep—in a bottle. This ultra-concentrated yet lightweight eye serum enriches skin and targets the look of lines, dark circles, and puffiness. BEST FOR: All Skin Types. ADDRESSES: Fine Lines, Crows Feet, Darkness, Puffiness and Wrinkles around the eyes. Restore & revitalize the delicate area around the eyes. With daily use, the eye area will exhibit an improved, lifted appearance, aiding in preserving youthful skin & preventing future damage.

Grice Beauty Citrus Oil- $37


Helps reduce appearance of sunspots, acne, wrinkles, and leaves skin soft & smooth very hydrating and doesn’t clog pores.

Avoid the sun after applying oil.

Pure citrus essential oils,
cold-pressed oils like Avocado oil,
Jojoba oil, and Rosehip seed oil.

No alcohol and fragrance free. Kid Safe.

Helps with dry skin and dark spots.

Face use: use on face to spot treat dry areas
rather than applying all over face.

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