September’s Naked Beauty Box Revealed!


Hello Naked Beauties!


September’s box is here, and I can’t wait for you to see what is coming your way.


September’s brand partners are 100% Women Owned and partners are all Small Businesses. Every product featured in this month’s box has been tested by Kayt, Founder and CEO. 

You can trust that The Naked Beauty Box is 100% cruelty-free?, vegan?and non-toxic?.


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1. If you join our Naked Beauty family by Sep. 14. you are GUARENTEED Sep’s Box!

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Are you ready for September’s Naked Beauty box, valued at $106!

Isabella Clearly| Clearly Mask and Brush-$23

Clearly MASK is a highly moisturizing mask formulated with activated charcoal to deeply clarify, hydrate, and moisturize skin. Loaded with incredibly rich ingredients, MASK will leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated and supple. It is a lightweight mask that is non drying and ideal for all skin types, including mature, sensitive and acne prone skin.

From Molly with Love | Sleeping Beauty Pillow Spray -$10

Sleeping beauty spray: The essential oils in this 1 oz therapeutic-grade linen spray are like Ambien in a bottle. Spritz your pillows and bedsheets (and yourself) with this pillow spray fragrance to drift off to a peaceful slumber.

This pillow spray is now the “official scent” of the high roller suites at the Cosmopolitan Resort in Las Vegas!

Modern Skyn Alchemy| Shea Butter Loofah – $8

Pamper yourself with our luxurious shea butter loofah soaps. A perfect staple in your daily bath and body routine. 

Lightly infused with 100% essential oils, these double butter soap bars create a calming, relaxing atmosphere, and stress-relieving bathing experience. 

How to Use: Use as you would with any bar soap. The loofah will slowly expose as you continue to use your soap.

Three Ships | Lip Treatment Kit- $28

This kit is perfect for people who have dry and flakey lips and want a restorative and nourishing treatment. If you find yourself applying lip balm multiple times a day and still feeling dry lips by the end of the day. 

Your Buttercream Hydrating Lip Mask supports the development of new skin cells for dry, dehydrated, or cracked lips. Fine sugar crystals in your Vanilla Lip Exfoliator remove dry skin/flakes and make lips look plump and full.

Hybrid lip kit allows for longer lasting hydration.

Made with all-natural ingredients and safe if consumed.

The Speak Collective | Rose Quartz Face Roller- $37

Why it’s special: A gentle lymphatic massage will help to reduce puffiness and improve blood circulation to stimulate collagen production. 

Rose quartz, a stone of the heart, is an important gemstone for healing. It reduces stress and opens up the heart chakra to unconditional love and positive energy.

Skin type: Suitable for all skin types

Skin concerns:  Loss of firmness and elasticity

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