Whether you are personally suffering from a cold or a flu, like COVID-19, taking care of loved ones knocked down by sickness, or just self isolating and bored at home, this season is crucial for both our physical and mental health. When we’re sick, we do as much as possible to get better quick, and sometimes our daily skincare rituals become the last thing we want to do. And for some, like myself, who suffer from sensitive skin, may find their skin endures more havoc during a cold or flu.

Unfortunately, sickness is not the only thing that takes us away from taking care of our skin. Due to the pandemic, most of us find ourselves at home  in self isolation. Along with our physical health, this time can be extremely taxing on our mental health. This is just another reason why we should take some extra time to give our skin the love it needs. April’s Naked Beauty box is the perfect collection of products for this cold and flu season and so let’s get into how some of these products will give your skin the much needed TLC after recovering from sickness or trying to survive self isolation at home.

With sickness, comes a lack of sleep. To help combat the effects of sleepless nights, the No Makeup caffeinated eye cream is the perfect addition to your morning routine. For those who haven’t found themselves sick this season can incorporate this product into their morning skincare to help with dark under eye bags.

Dehydrated skin is another side effect from sickness. Constantly blowing our noses and wiping our faces raw can cause some serious dryness that moisturizer alone will not fix. The One Percent hydrating  serum gives your skin the added hydration it needs after a rough season of the sniffles.

Another great way to get a boost of hydration is this month’s mask. The Soon Skincare sheet mask not only delivers  hydration to our skin but it helps us stop in the midst of the chaos and give ourselves 15 minutes to relax. Not only is this great for the skin, but it good for our mental health. Sometimes we just need a minute, or 15, to get into a better head space.

I know when I’m sick, my lips suffer the most, becoming extremely dry and cracked. The Naked Beauty box features the Sara Happ lip scrub as a free  add-on for first time subscribers. With ingredients like jojoba oil,  this product is a must have to help remove the dead skin from our lips and kickstart the recovery process. The Laneige Sleep lip mask  is another product from March’s box that is ideal for helping our dry lips recover or become an essential addition to a healthy nighttime skincare routine.

So, whether you are recovering from a cold or flu, or you’re in need of how to take care of yourself during this pandemic, the Naked Beauty box is here for you.


Stay safe and be well,


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