Is your skin on a roller-coaster ride and you’re not sure how to stop or even slow down it down?

Our skin is one of the physical signs that things are going off the rails inside our body. With the added stress Covid-19 has brought us, it would not surprise me if your skin is showing it.

New and unexpected breakouts occurring along your jaw, chin, cheeks, forehead – even your chest and back? If you think your acne is related to your mask, check out our blog post of mask acne.

One of the main causes for acne in adults is stress. Stress can cause small pimples to giant cysts.

But why is that?

Stress is a hormone that causes the body to be on high alert. In order for your body to be on high alert it needs Cortisol – a too much cortisol wrecks havoc on the body and your skin!

Sometimes it can be hard to see a silvering and say that you will be stress free. In the world we live in, that is nearly impossible.

So what can you do daily and/or weekly to manage our stress during Covid-19 and beyond?

First, all you need is five minutes. I can already see the eyes rolling with the thought ‘ What can I possibly do in five-minutes that can help me destress?’ Schedule out five-minutes in your day where you are COMPLETELY unplugged (no computers, phones, nothing), close your eyes and imagine the one thing that brings you solace and peace — your happy place.

Second, is coffee the first thing you drink when you wake up? I am right there with you, there is nothing more than I love than having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning when I get out of bed. Instead of drinking coffee, try drink a glass of water to wake up your system and not sending it into overdrive like coffee tends to do with our bodies.



Third, how do you unwind at night after a long day? Do you pour a glass of win or your favorite cocktail, do you sit in front of the TV , or do you find yourself watching mindless Tik ToK videos? I am guilty of doing all of those things after working all day long and my brain is shot. But to help manage my stress I find it best to sit in my favorite spot in my house, close my eyes and think of all the blessings in my life and practice Deep Breathing . Deep breathing not only strengthens your lungs, but it also allows you to take in more Carbon Dioxide into the blood stream allowing your body to calm down.

How do you manage your stress and acne breakouts?




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