Hi there!

Kayt here, founder of The Naked Beauty Box and Blog. I wanted to be honest with you about why I started The Naked Beauty Brand. In order to get there, I need to give you a little history on my skincare journey.

As a teenager I was one of the lucky few who have great skin and never worried about acne….How many people can say they were that lucky! Went off to college to study Engineering and gained the freshman 15, or in my case it was the freshman 45. I never thought much of my weight gain. I wasn’t playing basketball anymore and eating like crap and getting the occasional zit…. I thought this was due to eating junk food and not working out. I am 6’0 and at the beginning of college I weighed 175 and by the end of college I was maintaining 220 as my new normal.

Fast forward a few years and I am 22 working as an engineer, living in the middle of nowhere America….nearest city to me is 3.5 hours away. I started putting on more weight, but this time my weight gain wasn’t gradual. I put on 55lbs in less than a year and I started to get cystic acne, and my periods were to the point of my husband (at the time we were dating) rushing me to the hospital because I was losing too much blood…..That was probably one of the craziest and scariest moments of my life. I spent the next year seeing ten specialists and doctors who “couldn’t find anything wrong with me”. It went as far as having a doctor tell me that it was all in my head. Before you think…it was a man….nope, a female doctor told me I was making my symptoms up and nothing was wrong. After excepting that maybe what was happening was all in my head, I began to except it as my new normal. I still wanted to get my acne under control and decided I would go see a dermatologist for my cystic acne. I was self conscience about having acne because I do not wear make up to work. While my husband was finishing his degree in Butte, MT I decided to visit a dermatologist there and within 30 minutes of me sitting in her office talking about my concerns she began asking me questions dating back to before I ever started getting periods. Once my appointment was over, she gave the name of a Nurse Practitioner who specializes in PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome) and she was almost certain that was my issue. The Dermatologist still proscribed me a topical ointment, but then called the NP’s office and sent me straight to her that day. I spent the next month working with the NP and going through my medical history and the blood work she ordered. I finally had an answer after over a year of being told nothing was wrong with me. At 24 I was offically diagnosed with PCOS.

Flash forward 4 years…..At 28 I still have PCOS and acne flare ups but I know how to manage it through diet and a really GREAT skin care routine!

I was a long time subscriber of IPSY, for almost 10 years. But as I matured, mind and skin, I preferred quality skin care products and less makeup products….Don’t get me wrong, IPSY is a great company and they have started offering some skin care products. But it wasn’t what I would have liked to see every month. I started researching options and wasn’t finding any skin care services that allowed me to try great products for a decent price.

Still living 3.5 hours from the nearest city and not a fan of buying skin care products online and wasting my money on something that doesn’t work….I can’t tell you how much money I have thrown down the toilet in the past four years on skin care. I started brainstorming and researching that I wasn’t the only one who was having the same issues. So I decided that I wanted to bring other people like me quality skin care products from top and up-and-coming brands with out wasting their money…..I already did that for us hahaha

The objective of The Naked Beauty Box is to bring a range of products to you to try that you would have never known about or would never thought about spending the money on. I mean the majority of us are not going to spend $22 on one sheet mask, but would honestly really love to try something that expensive without paying full price for it….Am I right?? Expensive brands/products are not the only thing you will find in The Naked Beauty Box. You will also see products that are affordable and are still of great quality. With my brand, I want to create and experience that everyone of all walks of life will enjoy.




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